About This Site

Quantum Age went online on November 3rd, 1996. Over the years since then, a lot has changed. The world now appears to be a much more tumultuous and dangerous place. There are now many more relevant resources available on the web. And my familiarity with the subject matter has grown a bit and has become more organized.

As a result, I undertook a second major overhaul of this site in February of 2012. Beyond a new graphical design that is hopefully more user-friendly, the biggest change is the arrangement of the main part of the site into “8 Facets” of the quantum world. I also highly recommend taking a look at the quotes page in the Resources section.

If you search the internet or any book store for information about the quantum world, you'll soon notice that some are using principles of quantum physics to explain what happens in the world. This can include talk about how our brain functions are affected by quantum effects or how the physical reality of the world is actually influenced by our perception of it. These topics can be fascinating, but they are not what I’m focused on here.

Instead, this site is based on a very simple premise: our understanding of the way the world works is heavily based on ideas drawn from scientific concepts. Modern science has shown the limitations of the traditional, mechanical concepts of classical physics, and has developed new concepts that have led to an incredible surge of technological creativity and advancement. There is a growing number of people who believe these concepts can also give us new ways of looking at the social and cultural issues we face today, and guide us to creative new ways of addressing them. That is the focus of this site.

Thanks for visiting QuantumAge.

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