Fun With Science

It's easy to get bogged down in profound ponderings when talking about modern science. But science can be fun as well.

Some of these sites will make you laugh, while others will let you play around with facets of the new science. Either way, they can help you feel more at home in the quantum age.

The Story of Schroedinger's Cat (An Epic Poem) - The title pretty much says it all.

Laundry: A Quantum Mechanical Approach - Uses quantum mechanics to explain how socks disappear when you're doing your laundry.

Quark Dance - What's more fun than quarks dancing to a polka?

A Ridiculously Short History Of Time - "A History of the Universe from the Big Bang to the Disco Era." Or should that be "Big Band"?

A Call For More Scientific Truth in Product Warning Labels - The findings of 20th century physics have profound implications for many facets of life...including product warning labels.

Physics Humor Links - A sizable list of links to physics humor. Who would have thought physics could be this much fun?

Science Made Stupid - Thanks to this site, "...a dim, incoherent knowledge of science is available to anyone."

Boids - A java applet demonstrating the pioneering program of the same name (from 1986), which was one of the first models of emergent complex behavior. More fun than a lava lamp.

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